Tips for Travelling with Babies in South America

Just because you have young children does not mean that you will have to avoid vacationing with them. Actually, taking the children for your upcoming South American experience is definitely a lovely way to have a family adventure with everyone included. It is a lot easier than you imagine, and our fast and simple tips will help you plan your once in a lifetime journey.

And before you start your journey there are few preparation steps that for to make to ensure your trip to pass in the best order

The most important thing on every journey is always to hold your family healthy.

First, you have to determine the need for vaccines. There are a lot of hot regions in South America, which demand a yellow fever protection. For moms who are still breastfeeding, is not recommended to accept any kind of vaccine. Parents should be careful with providing any type of vaccine for their children if they are under 2 years old.  Probably the best way of avoiding yellow-fever is to stay in places that are at higher altitude and a good tip can be to avoid the jungle locations. Another way to prevent many health problems, especially with your children is to prevent contact with insects (clothe your baby in long, light clothing and rub them with an organic insect balm). Also, a good tip is to have lots of antidiarrheals prepared and a first aid kit for any case. But always the best advice for keeping your children safe is to ask for doctor opinion before you start the journey.

south america mum and baby image

Investigate Your Selected Destination

First if all, when you are exploring your destination in order to keep your family safe  is to have updated information about the current situation in the chosen country. Developments in countries in South America can transform within an hour or a day. So, the first simple action is to analyze all details about the country you are visiting on the web, or to check out the magazines and journals. Additionally, guidebooks are also a good idea to purchase prior to your trip. They can provide you with all of the history and information regarding the country you are visiting. They can also provide you with some useful information like contacts of accommodation places,  taxi numbers, or similar things.

Be prepared for the weather condition

It is a basic recommendation, but still, children that are dressed in clothes which are consistent with current temperatures are going to be more pleased when they first find themselves in a new surrounding.

Remember the baby wipes

Whether all your children are still in a need of nappy or not, always take with you the baby wipes. They can be helpful for cleaning the baby skin, hands, cleaning up seats, or other surfaces. Also, small bottles of hand cleanser might help you in many situations, but first ensure that you are not breaking the laws regarding holding fluids in some states.

Buy a kid locator

In a case your baby had just started to walk, it won’t be pleased if you hold with them using a backpack with a leash, or similar equipment which might restrict their movement. Instead, you can monitor their movement in an open space places like  flight terminals, train stops and squares using a child locator. It is a little device (secured to the belt or shoes) so you can control it with a transmitter. If accidentally lost your children trigger the alarm system, then just stick to the noise and locate them.

A couple of places which are not advisable to travel with children

For sure the major countries in South America are excellent for taking the journey with your family, but still, some places need to be ignored since they are sometimes unsafe or too isolated, or the temperatures are too high. For example, you are likely to avoid places like Colombia or Venezuela if you travel with your children. But, with a little carefulness in mind, the majority of locations are great for family journey and here are some examples:

– Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina is a great place if you need to bring the western European culture taste to your South America trip. Buenos Aires along with their natural stone avenues, awesome western European design of the buildings and delicious food, for sure will impress your journey. You’ll find plenty of exceptional galleries and other similar places to visit with your children for sure.

– Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is a place for active explorers, as they will certainly enjoy the walkings around this park. Chile is one of South America’s most financially stable country, plus developed road network  will make your journey very easy to take together with your children. You might also decide to camp here if you are up for an adventure.