Top 5 Cities in South America

Number 5 – I have a soft spot for Cartagena in Columbia. The seaside location is peaceful, the town square is historical and the people are some of the most friendly I have come across in my travels.

Number 4 – Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is tough to surpass. Beautiful women, stunning beaches and a nightlife that makes me beg for more. It has everything and more, but does have a slightly seedy side that can’t let me put it in my number one spot.

Number 3 – Medellin in Columbia. Yes, another Columbian favorite. The country has had such a bad wrap because of its sordid past. But the past is the past and Medellin’s future looks bright. Great infrastructure, awesome people and some amazing night spots to party.

Number 2 – Havana in Cuba. Sexy hot salsa. Need any more be said? OK, beaches, old school cars, hipsters on every corner. The place has the most insane vibe ever.

Number 1 – Call me a sucker for a beach, but Playa Del Carmen has my heart. The beach, the chilled vibe and the people are amazing. I like to call it home a few months of each year because it is my ideal location.