Santiago Lakes in Buenos Aires

Roaming Santiago Lakes in Buenos Aires


Santiago de Chile, a modern and active city with one of South America’s most active economies. Santiago de Chile is the capital and financial center of the country with almost six million of inhabitants being approximately 40 percent of the population in Chile.

Santiago is considered one of the cities in Latin America with the highest quality of living.
Some of the most attractive sites in Santiago are San Cristobal Hill, a mountain with over 800 meters above sea level already included as part of the city. On top of the hill the Virgin Mary statue blesses the city.. You can reach the top of the hill by cable cars with a privilege view of the city and the Andes Mountain Range.

The center of the city is the soul of Santiago with colonial buildings like the Cathedral of Santiago, Municipalidad de Santiago and the Correo Central, located in the Plaza de Armas as well as the Casa Colorada, making a contrast with neighborhoods full of European tendencies of early 20th century like Paris-Londres and Barrio Civico neighborhoods. Skyscrapers with modern architecture also give Santiago the active metropolis accent.

These are some museums you must visit while in Santiago de Chile:

  •  Bellas Arter Museum
  • Arte Contemporaneo Museum
  • Arte Precolombio Museum
  • Historico Nacional Museum
  • Archeological Museum of Chile

Because of the close location to the Andes Mountain Range, Santiago is located in a perfect area for winter sports practice. Enjoy the following skiing spots just a few minutes drive from the city:

  •  Farallones
  • Valle Nevado
  • La Parva
  • El Colorado
  • Lagunillas

In the last years the economical growth and the financial security of Chile have permitted Santiago to be a very important city for business, disputing the title of Financial Capital of Latin America.

Located 1001 Miles (2 hours flight) southwest from the capital, Bariloche is the door the Argentinean Patagonia. The Europeans first visited Bariloche on 1917 in an unsuccessful try to convert the indigenous people to the Catholicism than end up in the death of the missionaries. Then in 1870 the Europeans return to conquer what is today the biggest lake area of Argentina connecting it to Chile.
Bariloche is the gateway to all the splendor of the Argentinean Lake District where you will find clear blue lakes and lagoons, waterfalls, woods with unique colors, and off course the amazing Nahuel Huapi Lake.


The National Park Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche was created in 1943 and it covers over 2 million acres displaying unique regional flora and fauna. The most popular tour in Bariloche is the visit to Isla Victoria in the middle of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, with beautiful views of redwoods at the Arrayanes National Park. Cerro Catedral, Cerro Otto and Monte Tronador are amazing landscapes that are worth the visit as well.

Is the ninth largest city in the world, composed by 48 neighborhoods each one with different roots and identity. Buenos Aires which holds almost half of the population of the country is the political, economical and cultural center of Argentina.

Buenos Aires is a mixture of European cultures that migrated long ago. Today 85% of the population has European origin. Buenos Aires has its unique style that makes it one of the most attractive, strong and active cities in America.

Ready to experience the widest avenue in history? Visit Buenos Aires and find Avenida 9 de Julio. This avenue connects Plaza Constitucion and Avenida Libertador along with the city suburbs in the northern region of Buenos Aires.

Touring this huge and modern city is quite an experience. Most city attractions and landmarks can be reach via the city railway system.


Some of the most attractive areas of Buenos Aires are San Telmo, La Boca, Plaza de Mayo, La Recoleta, Palermo etc, all full of activities, night life, great restaurants and places to visit.
Buenos Aires is a city that will keep you happily occupied.

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