Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales

Visiting Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine, and Puerto Natales


Punta Arenas is located on the Brunswick Peninsula and it is the most important city of the Magellan Strait and it is the capital city of the Chilean Antartica.Punta Arenas was discovered in the 17th century by John Byron and was founded in 1849 as the first Chile’s permanent settlement in Patagonia. It’s harbor was one of the most important in Chile as it was the stop before going around Cape Horn.

The Sun here sets very late into the night so bars will open close to midnight. From Punta Arenas many tourism and scientific expeditions start

As the biggest city in Patagonia region of Chile it has over 120000 inhabitants. Their lowest temperatures are registered in July with approximately 31 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest is registered in January with approximately 57 degrees Fahrenheit.



Torres del Paine are gigantic granite monoliths formed by the forces of the glacial ice. Torres del Paine national park was established on 1959 and it is 75 miles northwest from Puerto Ntales.. Inside its 2420 square kilometers you will find some of the most amazing attractions in Chile.

torres-del-paine-np image
Torres del Paine National Park was declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978
The best time to visit Torres del Paine is from December to March. Weather in the park is very unpredictable, and many will walk to the trek without even a glimpse of the famous towers because of the clouds.



Puerto Natales is a town with 18000 inhabitants located on the mainland but with channels linking it to the sea. Tourists visiting the town of Puerto Natales are welcomed to have a firsthand experience in meat-packing industry and fishing activities which are the two prominent industries in this part of town.