My Jazz Club Visit In Buenos Aires

Spending time abroad on a vacation can bring you and your family some great memories. Vacations are an excellent time to relax, have fun and make memories that will last for the rest of your life. That kind of experience for me was visiting Argentina, the capital Buenos Aires. It is very easy to have a great time there when Buenos Aires has so much to offer.

Buildings of European design and stone avenues are scattered all over the city. There is also a rich cultural life and the many theatres, museums and music clubs. Buenos Aires was predestined to make me beautiful memories of my holiday.

Street Band Buenos Aires image

But in the mosaic of my memories there was one particular event that contributes the most to my extraordinary experience in Argentina. As a real music lover, I decide to visit a local jazz club one night. I wasn’t too full of expectations because Buenos Aires is a big city and I was just a couple days here so I was hoping to find the right kind of place for me. But still with a slight dose of enthusiasm I started my search. I decided to ask around with local people to see if I can get some useful information. And after a few conversations, I was already happy because many of them told me that I was in the right place because nearby there is great club called Thelonious Jazz Club.

I decide to take a chance and after short wandering among the streets I found the club. I was welcomed as I entered and the barmen immediately recognized that I am a tourist. He asked me one simple question – Are you a real jazz music lover? My answer was yes, so he told me – this is your lucky night.

I have to say it didn’t take too much time to conclude that he was right. It was Saturday night so in the club were two bands in the lineup for performance tonight. Shortly after they started the warm-up, I already felt the rhythm pulsing within in me. This was definitely the kind of place that showcases first-rate jazz. The club was full so I decide to take a seat at the bar. The first thing to grab my attention besides the music, was the broad spectrum of different drinks offered. I decide to try some unusual combination so I order some fashionable drink cocktail called ‘Fernet’ together with espresso to give me a real buzz.

I was surrounded by old fashioned hipsters and jazz fans, but also I noticed some tourists. After a short warm-up the bands has the whole place grooving in a very short time. The music was mostly made on the base of old school and classic jazz songs, but I also recognise some of the great jazz hits from many performers.

The time passed by so quickly (and also the drinks) so after a few hours I was in a delirium. I didn’t want to leave the great performances. I certainly I didn’t feel the couple of hours that I spent there. At the end of the first set, the guys from the bands take few drinks with the guests like they have known each other for a years. I conclude that the most people here are regular guests and they known to the band members. I can’t imagine not being a regular guest at a such place that has offered me so much enjoyment and pleasure. The only fact that I didn’t like was that the party ended and I was forced to leave the place. But the memories will stay for sure. I think that every fashionable city in the world should have a club like this whether it comes to London, New York or Milano. But I think and Buenos Aires is not really lagging behind these cities and for sure Thelonious jazz club is one of the greatest symbols of Buenos Aires.