Easter Island

Vacation in Easter Island

This Island is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean at approximately 2237 miles from the continental coast and it belongs to Chile. With a population of around 3800 inhabitants, most of them living in the capital city of Hanga Roa.

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Easter Island is world famous for its Moai (Statues carved of compressed volcanic ash), on its coast line with an approximately height of 20 feet. Easter Island is one of the world’s archeological and historical enigmas. The people of this small Island, the Rapa Nui, are one of these mysteries. It’s still not clear where they originate from and why did they vanish from the Island.

Because of isolation what we know of this Easter Island is just based on archeological finding. Some twelve hundred years ago sea explorers found Easter Island, and called it thus.

For people who love history and natural wonders, Easter Island is the perfect place to visit. Tour around the Island and learn the entire current research findings about the place and be prepared to be amazed.