Cruise the Southern Ice Fields

Cruise the Southern Ice Fields Aboard the Skorpios III



Experience a once of a lifetime cruise of the Kawesker Explorers Route board the Skorpios III. This luxury liner is the best rated with a 5 star nautical hotelier on cruise. The offer an accommodation called “Our Super Class” this usually has around 100 onboard passengers enjoying low bed accommodations nestled in  45 luxury cabins.

The Kawesker Explorers Route offers tourists to explore and experience the following:

  • Puta arenas
  • Puerto Natales
  • The Pio XI Glacier
  • The Amalia Glacier
  • The Calvo Fjord located in Magallanes Region
  • Puerto Eden
  • Porvenir Village
  • El Turbio Village
  • Usuahia Village
  • Calafate Village
  • Other cities in Argentina

The possibilities are endless when on this tour. There are a lot of exciting places and sites to see on every stop and on board the cruise. The cruise offers a unique opportunity to see and visit ancient and modern cities it’s truly is a once in a lifetime luxury tour.

The Skorpios management and its crew pride itself for offering distinct customer service. Over the years their family service has become their trademark.  Every details of their service is given due importance. For this reason Skorpios is able to meet international service standards for a luxury cruise ship.


Every day of the cruise, the crew is focused in making their passengers comfortable and entertained. This includes making their whole ship accessible to all onboard passengers. Take a walk around the ship with no additional cost visiting the engine room, kitchen, the control bridge and other parts of the ship.

Onboard the ship is a bar that is open all day and all night. They also have designated smoking and non smoking bars. Looking for a relaxing and quite place to spend a day? Skorpios III has a special reading room just for you.  Foodies onboard the Skorpios III is on for a treat too. Try the entire kitchen menu or change them as you wish with no additional cost.

Don’t let the language barrier stop you from having fun. You can find translators onboard the Skorpios III ready to give you simultaneous chat translation as you need it. The ship is equip with a luxury accommodation like satellite phones, cable TV  and other onboard amenities.