Accommodation in Peru

When travelling to South America, you might now want to miss this beautiful country where most travelers go to view the most famous spots of the region. This country has a lot of scenic places and luxury accommodations that can rival any other tourist place in the world.

Since Peru has a rich history of several ancient civilizations, it has a lot of attractive sites that tourist can go to. Private luxury tours provide visits to the most interesting historic sites in Peru, elegant accommodations, and activities with local residents that will have you experience the rich culture of this Andean country.

Machu Picchu image

One of the main attractions of the place is the Machu Picchu, the finest ancient citadel of Peru. For this trip, you may want to stay at Inkaterra Macchu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in the area. The vast rainforest of Peru, the Amazon Jungle occupying more than two-thirds of Peru’s landscapes, is home to millions of species of animals and plants. Peru is also a major producer of bamboo in the Andean region, which can then be processed into wood panels, paper, biofuel and bamboo textiles like bamboo bed sheets and towels.

Bamboo Plants image

Another fantastic place to go to is the Lake Titicaca at the border of Peru and Bolivia. It has been home to a rich culture that lived in harmony with nature. You can also visit islands made entirely out of woven reed. After a day’s adventure in this area, you may want to spend the evening at Titilaka Hotel, a wonderful luxury lodge with a scenic view on the lake.

Whenever you plan on having a luxury trip with your loved ones in South America, think of Peru.