About Us

Hey, my name is Ashley and I am a guy who decided that hanging out in South America was far more fun than my boring old life. I immerse myself in new surroundings totally and seek out the fun and the grit of any new town I come across. Life on the road isn’t all roses – especially in South America where things can turn on a dime, but every moment of every adventure brings me fulfillment.

Prior to traveling, I was an IT guru for the local government – you know one of those corporate types who has full control over your work computer? I enjoyed it and still do IT management for a living to fund my travels, but I just had to get out of the office and away from my home in Fort Nelson. So now, I freelance to companies all of the USA and Canada, doing short term IT projects. This helps me balance fun and work. I usually work solidly for a couple of months, then take a month or so off to go exploring. With so many diverse countries in South America, it would be a shame not to get out there and see them.

I hope you enjoy hearing all about my travels.

Yours in adventure